EDS O2D1-2G Oxygen System Kit with Regulator (DIN/EU Version)

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EDS O2D1-2G electronic oxygen unit for 1 person - FAA-FAR approved The new generation!
The new EDS has a robust rotary switch, which offers higher reliability, easier operation and better visibility of the set function. In order to better monitor the breathing of the pilot, to use less power and to more effectively adjust the altitude dependent delivery of oxygen, the circuit board has been completely redesigned and a new micro-controller has been added.
The multi-coloured status display allows the battery status to be monitored. The device reacts to each operation of the rotary switch with a beep and green flashing. The O2D1-2G has a 600 Ohm stereo audio jack and a USB-compatible (5 V DC) external power supply.
If you forget to turn off the EDS after use, it will automatically turn off after 3 hours of no breathing to save power.

    Automatic adjustment of the oxygen flow to different altitudes.
    Adjustment options for particularly high altitudes and emergency situations.
    Audible and visual alarms for oxygen end, respiratory interruption and battery voltage drop.
    All EDS oxygen systems have 80-90% less oxygen consumption compared to conventional flow devices.
    Dimensions::W 80 x H 130 x D 20 mm
    Weight: 230 g (without batteries)
    Power supply: 3 standard AA batteries.
    Operating time approx.100 hours in normal operation. External power supply 5 VDC.

Scope of delivery:

EDS 02D1-2G unit, pressure reducer, cannula, face mask, carrying bag.

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