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PowerFLARM Core PURE US - refurbished

Product no.: FLAPFD-A Special

Collision warning system for FLARM, ADS-B and transponder signals with special functions for gliders. Refurbished unit, US version.

1,247.73 *
1,605.44 €
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AIR Traffic Display 57 - Special item

Product no.: ATD-57-Special

Special items, shipping returns with full guarantee. The premium traffic display with simple display, robust hardware and brilliant display.

464.97 *
498.80 €
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AIR Traffic Display 11 - Special item

Product no.: ATD-11-Special

Special items, shipping returns with full guarantee. The new external traffic display with simple display. Can also be mounted in narrow cockpits without additional panel space.

530.28 *
544.01 €
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AIR Traffic - collision warning system - special item

Product no.: AT-1-Special

Factory tested shipping returns of our AT-1 with full warranty. Our new, professional FLARM / Transponder / ADS-B collision warning system!

1,753.64 *
1,997.52 €
You save 12 %

AIR Control Display - Special item

Product no.: ACD-57-Special

Special item: Shipping returns with FORM 1 and full warranty. Multifunctional display for radio, transponder operation, ETSO approved altimeter or any combination of these.

464.97 *
598.56 €
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Headset Lightspeed Zulu PFX (PJ connector)

Product no.: 4034-special

Shipping returns, cleaned and as good as new. The top of the line headset with many unique features, personalization and unmatched performance.

670.65 *
688.00 €
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Headset David Clark demonstration model H10-13X

Product no.: 40411G-06-Special

Shipping returns, cleaned and as good as new. The David Clark classic - now also with active noise suppression.

698.92 *
717.00 €
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PowerFLARM Core Pure - Demo device with many functions


Demo unit incl. second radio channel and audio activation. Like new.

877.31 *
900.00 €
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Product no.: AC-2000-Special
49.80 *
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