Aviator Watches

We are official distributor of LACO watchesUnique quality. Outstanding manufacture. High precision. Or excellent functionality. There are a number of characteristics which distinguish a watch made by Laco. Furthermore you might find something you did not see at first glance, but that you can feel in each second, minute, and hour of a Laco Watch: the passion of our watchmakers. And all that since 1925.
The quality manufacturing of watches with dedication and attention to detail has a long tradition at Laco. Clocks have been built for high accuracy for over 90 years via precise workmanship. The company looks back on an exciting history, mainly because its pilot watch has a legendary past. After all, only a handful of companies received permission in the 1940s to manufacture aviator watches. One of them was Laco.

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Laco Pilot's Watch Augsburg

Product no.: 861688
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Laco Pilot Watch Aachen

Product no.: 861690
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Laco Original Pilot Watch Münster

Product no.: 861748
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Laco original pilot watch Friedrichshafen

Product no.: 861753
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Laco Original Pilot Watch Blue Hour Münster

Product no.: 862081
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Product no.: 010-01987-31
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