ICOM Handheld Radios

ICOM Handheld Radios

ICOM handheld radios and accessories are known for their quality and innovative design. As an official ICOM dealer we stock many ICOM products including many accessories. We strive hard to offer best customer service and competitive prices.






ICOM handheld radios and mobile aviation radios with 8.33kHz channel spacing for the aviation radio band.

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers

Original ICOM batteries, battery-kits, battery-chargers, and power supply cables for ICOM radios.

Audio Accessories for ICOM Radios

Audio Accessories for ICOM Radios

Original ICOM Headset-adapters, microphones, audio-cables and audio-accessories for ICOM radios.

Belt Clips and Protector

Belt Clips and Protector

Original ICOM belt-clips, leather accessories and protective covers for ICOM handheld radios.

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Handheld aviation radio ICOM IC-A16E 8.33kHz (COM)

Product no.: IC-A16E #42

269.00 *
306.00 €
You save 12 %

Handheld aviation radio ICOM IC-A16E 8.33kHz (COM with Bluetooth)

Product no.: IC-A16E #32

289.00 *
369.00 €
You save 22 %

Radio Receiver ICOM IC-R6 (8.33kHz)

Product no.: IC-R6

199.00 *

Headset adapter cable for IC-A25

Product no.: OPC-2379

88.00 *

Speaker microphone for IC-A25

Product no.: HM-231

78.10 *

Transceiver ICOM IC-A25CE (COM)

Product no.: IC-A25CE #93

335.00 *
506.62 €
You save 34 %


Product no.: OPC-2401

78.00 *
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