Kannad ELT Batteries

Kannad ELT Batteries

Kannad ELT Batteries

We regularly stock ELT Batteries. We guarantee for fresh batteries within manufacturers lifecycle-time specifications.

CAUTION: ELT batteries are hazardous material and must not be shipped by non approved organisations. If ordering through AIR Store there is no need to worry. We are approved for hazardous material shipping and therefore ship ELT Batteries legally to many destinations without addional costs. Be careful, even receiving shipments from non-approved organisations may be illegal in your jurisdiction. 

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Kannad ELT BAT200 Battery Kit without Documents

Product no.: S1840510-01-Special
129.00 *
269.00 €
You save 52 %

Kannad Replacement Battery BAT 200 - for 406 AF-Compact ELT

Product no.: S1840510-01
269.00 *


Product no.: S1820516-99
649.00 *
898.00 €
You save 28 %
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