Radio and Transponders

Radio and Transponders

We offer 8.33kHz Aircraft Radios and Mode-S Transponders. Either as single, standalone units or in combination as a modular product family controlled by the AIR CONTROL DISPLAY, AIR COM and VT-01.

Additionally, we offer a huge selection of installation accessories and materials. Contact us, we are happy to help you to find the perfect and most cost-effective solution for your aircraft.

8.33kHz Aircraft Radios

8.33kHz Aircraft Radios

Single 8.33kHz aircraft radios from popular manufactuerers in different sizes.

Mode-S Transponder

Mode-S Transponder

Single Mode-S / ADS-B Transponders in different sizes.

Kits and Bundles

Kits and Bundles

COM and Transpsonder bundles inclduing all required parts.

Cables and Installation Accessories

Cables and Installation Accessories

Installation accessories and wiring looms for radios and transponders.

Software and Licenses

Software and Licenses

Feature licenses and database update entitlements.

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Product no.: B747

1,698.00 *

VT-2000 Mode-S Transponder Klasse 1

Product no.: VT-0201

2,449.00 *
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Radio Transmit Button (PTT)

Product no.: B501

39.00 *

VT-01 UltraCompact Class 1

Product no.: VT-0104-125

2,199.00 *

AIR Control Display

Product no.: ACD-57

656.00 *
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Cockpit Speaker

Product no.: B519

22.90 *

AIR COM Aircraft Radio

Product no.: AC-1

1,180.00 *


Product no.: B749

3,399.00 *

Mounting Frame (AIR Traffic)

Product no.: B579

79.50 *

VT-01 Mode-S Transponder Class 2 Main Unit

Product no.: VT-0102-070

1,649.99 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-74 (Transponder/ADS-B/DME)

Product no.: AV-74

175.75 *
196.16 €
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