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PowerFLARM Fusion - Glider Collision Warning System

Product no.: FLAFUS10W
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Product no.: FLAPFC-E

Collision warning system with advanced fuctions for glider pilots. Now including IGC-Certification !

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PowerFLARM Portable

Product no.: FLAPFP-E

The portable, battery powered collision warning system with FLARM, ADS-B, and Transponder collision avoidance.

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PowerFLARM Core Pure

Product no.: FLAPFD-E

The collision warning system with FLARM collision avoidance for fixed installation with special features for glider pilots.

now including IGC-Certification !

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PowerFLARM Core US/Australia Version

Product no.: FLAPFC-A
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PowerFLARM Core Pure US

Product no.: FLAPFD-A

now including IGC-Certification !

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PowerFLARM Core PURE US - refurbished

Product no.: FLAPFD-A Special

Collision warning system for FLARM, ADS-B and transponder signals with special functions for gliders. Refurbished unit, US version.

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