8.33kHz Aircraft Radios

Single 8.33kHz aircraft radios from popular manufactuerers in different sizes.



8.33kHz VHF COM Transceivers for aircraft

Cables and Installation Accessories

Cables and Installation Accessories

Installation accessories and wiring harnesses for aircraft radios.

Microphones and Speakers

Microphones and Speakers

Microphones, speakers, and goosenecks for cockpit installation.

COM Antennas

COM Antennas

Aircraft Radio Antennas.



Aviation Intercom systems for two or multiple seats in aircraft.

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Product no.: B747
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New AIR COM Aircraft Radio

Product no.: AC-1

The affordable 8.33kHz aircraft radio with breakthough technology.

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AIR Control Display

Product no.: ACD-57

Our newly designed multi function display. It controls aircraft radios, is a fully certified altimeter, and controls transponders. 

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8.33kHz Aircraft Radio TQ KRT-2

Product no.: KRT-2S

The KRT2 flight transceiver of the 8.33 kHz generation in standard format.

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1,383.97 €
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Aircraft radio Becker RT6201-(020) 8.33kHz

Product no.: RT6201-020

8.33kHz remote radio. Compatible with AIR Control Display.

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1,525.94 €
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IC-A220T 8.33kHz Aircraft Radio

Product no.: IC-A220T

8.33kHz panelmount aircraft radio with TSO approval.

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