AITHRE In-Flight Health Monitoring

AITHRE In-Flight Health Monitoring

We are a proud distributor for Aithre Inc, an innovative company from Ketchum, Idaho in the USA.

Founded by pilots, technology was developed to improve the safety of flight at high altitudes where oxygen is low and risks are high. Through innovation, the Aithre team has created wearable oximeters, portable and installed CO detectors and oxygen pressure monitors that enable wireless continuous monitoring on iOS, Dynon Skyview, and Garmin G3X.

AITHRE Devices

AITHRE Devices

CO Detectors, oxymeters, and oxygen-tank monitors from AITHRE.



Accessories and spare parts for Aithre Products.

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Aithre Shield EX 3.0 - Behind-the-panel 3-function CO detector

Product no.: ASCOX3002

Behind-the-panel CO detector that interfaces to glass cockpits and an iOS app. Integrates with Aithre smart oximeters and oxygen tank monitors.

480.00 *

Aithre Shield EX 2.0 - Behind-the-panel CO detector

Product no.: ASCOX2002

Behind-the-panel CO detector that interfaces to glass cockpits and an iOS app.

360.00 *

Aithre Shield eDot 5.0 - Einbau CO Warngerät mit Panel Warnleuchte

Product no.: ASCOED5002

CO detector for permanent installation with panel indicator and app interface.

480.00 *

Aithre Shield 4.0 - Portable CO Detector with App Interface

Product no.: ASCO401

CO detector with 10 years no recalibration, fidelity to 1ppm, response time under 30 seconds, rechargeability, and iOS app integration.

156.00 *

Aithre Illyrian - Smart Oximeter for Pilots

Product no.: AISOAH02

Always-on pulse oximeter monitors your health data permanently and connects to an iOS app.

158.00 *

Aithre Altus - Oxygen tank monitor

Product no.: ASOTH01

Reliably monitors the oxygen level in your oxygen tank within the Aithre connect iOS app. Calculates remaining duration and issues warnings. 

154.70 *
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Aithre Altus Meso - Smart O2 Tank Monitor

Product no.: ASOTH02

2nd generation wireless pressure gauge that puts oxygen PSI on your iOS or avionics.

238.00 *

Aithre Oxygen Bottle (0,36l) - Portable Oxygen

Product no.: AAOBFFR047
429.00 *


Product no.: ASCO6USB01
169.00 *


Product no.: AAMOTSM02IV
250.00 *


Product no.: AACNAB7
189.00 *
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Product no.: AACNB7
29.00 *

ILLYRIAN II Haptic Safety Wearable

Product no.: AISOAHII02

This new revolutionary product delivers on Aithre's commitment to innovation and safety in flight with another first ever - a headset haptic safety wearable.

199.00 *

Aithre Turbo Oxygen Maker

Product no.: AT02G02PICA

The Aithre Turbo Oxygen Maker is the World's first oxygen generator designed specifically for light aircraft and general aviation.

4,499.00 *
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