Aithre Altus - Oxygen tank monitor

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Now you can keep track of the oxygen level in your portable tank – even when it’s out of sight. Altus is the first monitor that wirelessly pairs to your iOS device to display pressure, flow rate, and time remaining. Just strap Altus to the outside of your oxygen bottle and plugin with the included high-pressure T-fitting. Your smartphone is now your convenient oxygen display.

  • iOS ENABLED: Includes both iOS and WatchOS support with Siri voice notifications via a paired headset
  • COMPATIBLE WITH EX 3.0: Put your portable tank psi wirelessly on your Dynon Skyview, Garmin G3x, and Advanced Flight Systems avionics with the EX 3.0 companion product.
  • PRECISE: Detects pressure changes with a resolution of 10psi
  • CONSTANT READINGS: Updated pressure readings are sampled every 6 seconds
  • SMART DATA: Flow rate and time remaining are continuously calculated
  • BUILT-IN PRESSURE ALTIMETER: Pressure altitude sensor included to determine altitudes for oxygen use
  • FAA THRESHOLD REMINDERS: Receive reminders when you cross FAA levels that require oxygen (pilot, passenger levels)
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR OXYGEN USE LEVEL: Set your own personal levels to trigger reminders
  • NO MORE WONDERING: Low oxygen warning provided when you drop below 500psi
  • SAVE OXYGEN: Tank shutoff reminder when you land
  • STANDARD BATTERIES: Long battery life with 4 AA batteries, monitored via the iOS app
  • T-FITTING EXPANSION: Includes high-pressure T-fitting so you can keep your manual pressure gauge as a backup

The Aithre Connect App, available for iOS and WatchOS, provides 15-minute history trend data plus pop-up and Siri notifications to your headset (if paired) when threshold pressure levels are crossed. You can even use the app to monitor carbon monoxide levels when paired to an Aithre Shield Carbon Monoxide detector or use the app to monitor pilot and passenger blood oxygen levels when used with the Illryian smart pulse oximeters.

Includes: Altus with Velcro band, high-pressure quick-disconnect sensor, and high pressure-rated T-fitting expansion for 1/8" size ports (typical on most oxygen tanks).


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