Antenna Couplers and Splitters

Antenna couplers and splitters for COM, FLARM, VOR, and ILS.

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Antenna Splitter AV-547

Product no.: AV-547

Antenna Splitter for two VOR. Replaces COMANT CI-502.

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Antenne Diplexer AV-570 (1 x VOR/LOC, 1x GS)

Product no.: AV-570

Antenna Diplexer for 1VOR/LOC and 1 Glideslope. Replaces COMANT CI-507.

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Antenna Diplexer RAMI AV-571 (2 x VOR/LOC, 1x GS)

Product no.: AV-571
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Antenna Splitter RAMI AV-575 (2 x Marker Beacon)

Product no.: AV-575

Antenna Splitter for Marker Beacons. Replaces COMANT CI-509.

167.34 *

Antenna Diplexer/Splitter RAMI AV-585 (2 x VOR/LOC, 2x Glideslope)

Product no.: AV-585

Antenna Diplexer/Splitter for 2 VOR/LOC and 2 Glideslopes. Replaces COMANT CI-1125.

282.55 *

Antenna Coupler RAMI AV-586 (2 x VOR/LOC/Glideslope)

Product no.: AV-586

 Antenna Coupler for 2 VOR/LOC/GS. Replaces COMANT CI-5120.

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Antenna Coupler RAMI AV-587 (1 x VOR/LOC/GS, 1x VOR/LOC, 1x GS)

Product no.: AV-587

Antenna Coupler for 1 VOR/LOC/Glideslope, 1 VOR/LOC and 1 Glideslope.

312.04 *

Antenna coupler RAMI AV-590 (2 x COM)

Product no.: AV-590

Antenna coupler for 2 COM on one antenna.

420.50 *

Antenna Splitter (1x FLARM to 2x FLARM)

Product no.: B497
75.01 *

Cable for FLARM Antenna Splitter

Product no.: B498

Short cable for connecting a FLARM antenna splitter on the FLARM system.

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