YAESU Handheld Radios

YAESU Handheld Radios


YAESU offers affordable 8.33kHz handheld radios. YAESU transceivers come loaded with many features and all the accessories pilot's need. 

As an official YAESU dealer we stock many YAESU products including accessories. We strive hard to offer best customer service and competitive prices.



YAESU handheld radios with 8.33kHz channel spacing for the aviation radio band.

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers

Original YAESU batteries and accessories for YAESU 8.33kHz handheld radios.

Audio Accessories and Antennas

Audio Accessories and Antennas

Original YAESU audio accessories and antennas for 8.33kHz radios.

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Handheld radio YAESU FTA-250L 8.33kHz (COM)

Product no.: FTA-250L

198.99 *

Handheld radio YAESU FTA-750L 8.33kHz (COM/NAV and GPS)

Product no.: FTA-750L

360.68 *
463.36 €
You save 22 %
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Handheld radio YAESU FTA-550L 8.33kHz (COM/NAV)

Product no.: FTA-550L

289.00 *
366.17 €
You save 21 %

Handheld radio YAESU FTA-550AA 8.33kHz (COM/NAV)

Product no.: FTA-550AA

249.00 *
280.73 €
You save 11 %

Handheld radio YAESU FTA-450L 8.33kHz (COM)

Product no.: FTA-450L

259.00 *
322.22 €
You save 20 %

Speaker Microphone for YAESU transceivers

Product no.: SSM-10A

79.90 *

YAESU Lithium Ion Battery (FTA-750L/FTA-550L)

Product no.: SBR-12LI

64.90 *

Helical Antenna for YAESU Transceivers

Product no.: SRA-18A

29.90 *
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