EDS Oxygen Devices

Single EDS Devices for one or two users.

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EDS O2D1-2G Single Seat Oxygen System

Product no.: 00EDS-1200-00
788.97 *

EDS O2D2-2G Double Seat Oxygen System

Product no.: 00EDS-2200-00
1,059.10 *

Aithre Altus - Oxygen tank monitor

Product no.: ASOTH01

Reliably monitors the oxygen level in your oxygen tank within the Aithre connect iOS app. Calculates remaining duration and issues warnings. 

166.60 *
238.00 €
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Aithre Oxygen Bottle (0,36l) - Portable Oxygen

Product no.: AAOBFFR047
429.00 *

Aithre Altus Meso - Smart O2 Tank Monitor

Product no.: ASOTH02

2nd generation wireless pressure gauge that puts oxygen PSI on your iOS or avionics.

238.00 *
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