Traffic display systems for FLARM and ADS-B/XPDR signals.

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AIR Traffic Display 80

Product no.: ATD-80

The newly designed, large traffic display for standard panel cutouts.

726.99 *

AIR Traffic Display 57

Product no.: ATD-57

The premium traffic indicator with intuitive user interface, rugged hardware, and brilliant display.

599.00 *
Stock Low
Only 3 available

AIR Traffic Display 11 (external Version)

Product no.: ATD-11

The new premium traffic indicator that fits into any cockpit. With a large 2.7" screen.

599.00 *
Not in stock. Usually
ready to ship within ca. 90 days

Display V3+ (FLARM)

Product no.: B251
266.56 *

Display V4 (FLARM)

Product no.: B250
298.00 *

Display V3+M (FLARM)

Product no.: B249
399.00 *

Flarm Display V3 bracket for front mounting

Product no.: 2020026
39.00 *

Flarm Display V3 Bracket for surface mounting

Product no.: 20200027
69.00 *
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