The Claw - Aircraft Anchoring System

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Don't let the wind catch you unprotected! The Claw is a patented lightweight, high-strength aircraft anchoring system. The harder the pull the more it grips the earth!

Because of the unique design, the Claws three safety yellow powder coated aluminum legs and corrosion-resistant 3/8 inch diameter spikes try to pull together, tightening their grip on the ground like talons of a giant metal bird of prey. Its convenient low-profile design allows for easy installation and removal. The spikes just go 10 Inch deep into the ground.

Ideal for all aircraft!
Compact, only 8 lbs including storage bag.
Holds 1,200 lbs. per Claw - 3,600 lbs of holding power.
Easy installation and easy removal.
Holds more than any other system.
Protect your investment.
No more struggling with screw-in anchors.
Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant spikes.
The Claw is strategically located directly under tie-down points of aircraft to reduce tripping hazards.
Low profile - will not puncture tires.
May also be used with tents, canopies, pets, boats, hurricane protection satellite dishes, antennas, balloons or anything you wish to anchor to the ground securely.

Delivery includes: Compact storage bag with 3 anchors, 9 spikes, 1 hammer, 30 ft rope.

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