8.33kHz VHF COM Transceivers for aircraft

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Product no.: B747
1,748.00 *

AIR COM Aircraft Radio

Product no.: AC-1

The affordable 8.33kHz aircraft radio with breakthough technology.

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AIR Control Display

Product no.: ACD-57

Our newly designed multi function display. It controls aircraft radios, is a fully certified altimeter, and controls transponders. 

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8.33kHz Aircraft Radio TQ KRT-2

Product no.: KRT-2S

The KRT2 flight transceiver of the 8.33 kHz generation in standard format.

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Aircraft radio Becker RT6201-(020) 8.33kHz

Product no.: RT6201-020

8.33kHz remote radio. Compatible with AIR Control Display.

1,499.00 *

IC-A220T 8.33kHz Aircraft Radio

Product no.: IC-A220T

8.33kHz panelmount aircraft radio with TSO approval.

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AIR Control Display with Altimeter functions

Product no.: B541

Our newly designed multi function display. as a fully certified altimeter. Optionally it can be retrofitted with a COM, XPDR or both.

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Product no.: RT6201-010
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1,525.94 €
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