CHEM TOOLS Custom Wash (cleaning concentrate)

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ChemTools® CustomWash

CHEM TOOLS discovered this extraordinary formula with passion and new approaches where corrosion protection and powerful cleaning are combined. Carefully selected ingredients clean material gently, without staining, tarnishing or rust marks and are ideal for demanding results on all materials.

It easily removes exhaust fumes, oily or greasy soiling and leaves a freshly shiny surface through residue-free drying. At the same time it preserves the surface for a long time, so that water beads off during application.

Simple, fast and thorough!

Always wash with plenty of water from top to bottom and spray Custom Wash onto the damp surface at the beginning. Then use a soft washing gloves/sponge without pressure and rinse everything thoroughly with clear water at the end. Always wash in the shade without letting anything dry and make sure that the parts are cool and that a material compatibility test is carried out. Moving parts should be lubricated afterwards if necessary. For rims, we recommend Chem-Tools Wheel Wash for heavy soiling and Chem-Tools Acryshield for regular maintenance.

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