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Gliding Season Starter Kit - tow rope, seat cushion and masking tape

Product no.: B647

Our kit for the season start! High-quality TOST tow rope (Red Star 50m), two pieces of AIR Protect Foam shock-absorbing seat cushions and 20 rolls of Nitto masking tape at an unbeatable price!

252.47 *
357.37 €
You save 29 %

Viento Valley Wind Map Eastern Alps (paper)

Product no.: 1810
19.40 *
24.46 €
You save 21 %

Von Hohenstein Aviation Headset Bag brown

Product no.: 103001

Premium headset bag in outstanding leather quality with plenty of storage space for accessories.

125.74 *
228.52 €
You save 45 %

AIR Traffic and AIR Traffic Display 80 - Master Bundle

Product no.: B646

Complete kit with an AIR Traffic collision warning system, an outdoor antenna, an AIR Traffic Display 80 as well as minor change approvals and all necessary small parts.

2,533.47 *
2,599.00 €
You save 3 %
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