COM / NAV Antennas

COM / NAV Antennas

Antennas for Communication (VHF) and Navigation (VOR/ILS).

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Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-17 (COM/VHF)

Product no.: AV-17

Exterior COM/VHF Antenna for the underside of the aircraft.

268.30 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-10 (COM/VHF)

Product no.: AV-10

Exterior high performance COM/VHF Antenna.

253.40 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AVT-4 (COM/VHF)

Product no.: AVT-4

Low drag VHF/COM Antenna for high speeds up to 350kt.

563.44 *
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Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-534 (VHF/COM)

Product no.: AV-534

Affordable stainless steel COM/VHF Antenna without cable/connector.

112.43 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-530 (VHF/COM)

Product no.: AV-530

VHF/COM Antenna. Replaces the COMANT CI 292-1.

240.93 *
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Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-532 (VOR/LOC/GS)

Product no.: AV-532

NAV (VOR/LOC/GS) Antenna. Replaces COMANT CI-157.

265.04 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-525 (VOR/LOC/GS)

Product no.: AV-525

Nav Antenna. Replaces COMANT CI-157.

396.10 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-520 (VOR/LOC/GS)

Product no.: AV-520

Exterior NAV antenna. Replaces COMANT CI-159.

417.29 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-569 (Marker Beacon)

Product no.: AV-569

Aerodynamic Marker Beacon Antenna.

232.95 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-529 (VHF/COM)

Product no.: AV-529

VHF/COM antenna with fiberglas whip. Replaces the COMANT CI-291.

266.92 *
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Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-64 (Marker Beacon)

Product no.: AV-64

Marker Beacon Antenna. Replaces COMANT CI-102

204.80 *

Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-534L (VHF/COM)

Product no.: AV-534L

Affordable stainless steel COM/VHF Antenna including cable/connector.

136.54 *
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