ICOM handheld aviation radios and mobile aviation radios with 8.33kHz channel separation and many unique features.

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Handheld aviation radio ICOM IC-A6E (COM)

Product no.: IC-A6E

The new and affordable 8.33kHz handheld radio from ICOM is the first choice for many pilot's all over the world.

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Handheld aviation radio ICOM IC-A25CE 8.33kHz (COM)

Product no.: IC-A25CE

The next generation 8.33kHz handheld radio from ICOM with premium features.

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565.00 €
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Handheld aviation radio navigator ICOM IC-A25NE 8.33kHz (COM/NAV/GPS)

Product no.: IC-A25NE

The next generation 8.33kHz handheld radio and GPS navigator from ICOM with innovative functions.

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Radio Receiver ICOM IC-R6 (8.33kHz)

Product no.: IC-R6
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IC-A120E 8.33kHz Mobile Aviation Radio (COM)

Product no.: IC-A120E

8.33kHz aviation radio with Active Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity for use as ground station or in vehicles.

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