Our comprehensive line of products for traffic awareness and collision avoidance systems AIR TRAFFIC and PowerFLARM help you flying safer. Our products range from small and affordable systems to high technology collision avoidance devices that detect many different kinds of traffic.

We have Europes largest selection of collision warning devices and accessories with over 100 products, from which three quarters is self-produced.


AIR Traffic by AIR Avionics

AIR Traffic by AIR Avionics

The new, modern, collision avoidance product family. Top traffic technology for good protection, flexible installation options, unique functions and best usability.



PowerFLARM® collision avoidance deviced have been developed specifically for the needs of small- and general aviation and gliding.

Displays and Peripheral Devices

Displays and Peripheral Devices

To extend your traffic system installation we offer a comprehensive lineup of displays, interface modules and accessories. 

TRX Traffic Systems by AIR Avionics

TRX Traffic Systems by AIR Avionics

TRX-Systems are affordable, high tech collision avoidance systems. From simple ADS-B receivers to sophisticated collision avoidance systems.

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AIR Traffic and AIR Traffic Display Kit

Product no.: B576

Kit containing an AIR Traffic collision avoidance system and an AIR Traffic Display traffic indicator.

2,380.00 *

AIR Traffic - Collision Avoidance System

Product no.: AT-1

Our new, prfessional FLARM/Transponder/ADS-B collision avoidance system with interface to displays, GPS, and apps.

1,998.00 *
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AIR Traffic Display

Product no.: ATD-57

The premium traffic indicator with intuitive user interface, rugged hardware, and brilliant display.

499.00 *


Product no.: FLAPFC-E

Collision warning system with advanced fuctions for glider pilots. Now including IGC-Certification !

1,605.00 *

PowerFLARM Portable

Product no.: FLAPFP-E

The portable, battery powered collision warning system with FLARM, ADS-B, and Transponder collision avoidance.

2,369.00 *


Product no.: AV-75(-F)
235.67 *

Antenna Exterior GAV-868 (FLARM)

Product no.: GAV-868
149.00 *

AIR Connect - Interface Module (Apps to Avionics)

Product no.: B104
159.00 *
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