CHEM TOOLS Cleaning Foam

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1 l = 35.80 €

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ChemTools® CleaningFoam

Cleaning Foam shoots into the surface and unfolds a coordinated mixture of active-ingredient-optimised substances to optimally dissolve dirt and carry it outwards with a foam. They achieve the maximum cleaning effect that is possible without the need for complex water mixtures and remove sealants, oils, greases, stubborn stains and soiling such as nicotine, sweat or unsightly discolouration and soiling such as those found in aviation (e.g. when passengers feel unwell).

After shaking the can well, spray Cleaning Foam onto the surface (glass, carpet, leather, plastic, etc.) and absorb the disintegrated foam after a short reaction time with a clean cloth. To avoid discolouration of materials that are not colourfast, we recommend that you carry out a material compatibility test before use.


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