WAVERIDGE Pilot Boots - Gliding Overshoe (onesize)

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When flying gliders in the cold, warm feet are half the battle. If its flying wave, ridge, in the winter or springtime, WAVERIDGE Pilot Boots keep you warm without the need for batteries or heated insoles. The overshoes are simply strapped over your normal shoes and isolate your feet effectively. Even in very long flights of ten hours or more, WAVERIDGE Pilot Boots keep your feet warm. 

The boots can be used in any glider, also small aircraft without much leg space as they are soft and adapt to the space available.

WAVERIDGE pilot boots have been developed from the experience of many flights in wave and on the ridge. They combine the adavantages of other overshoes on the market into an affordable premium quality product. A must have for every glide pilot.

  • Small covered container inside that holds the integrated emergency blanket. A helpful tool for outlandings or accidents.
  • Especially reinforced sole, water proof.
  • Large and easy to use front entry including special strips that let you slip in easily.
  • Water resistant surface material. Soft and low friction for good use in any cockpit.
  • Extra wide velco closures and string for air tight and comfortable fit.
  • Hightech fibre filling effectively isolates and keeps your feet warm.
  • All black, low reflection material.
  • ONESIZE - One size fits all EU38 to EU46.


  • Pilot Boots (1 pair)
  • Emergency Blanket (metallized foil)

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