XNAUT cradle with active cooling (iPad mini)

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iPad mini holder with active ventilation. Every pilot knows the problems, especially in summer, that can happen when using iPads in a hot cockpit. It always breaks down due to overheating when you need it most urgently. The XNAUT mount with integrated, active cooling provides more reliability in professional use.

The cradle works with the following iPad mini versions:
iPad Air 1 to 5

Technical details:
The x-naut bracket can be powered by the internal batteries (8 AA batteries) or by a micro-USB cable. The runtime with ABtterien is over 10 flying hours, if the cooling is only sporadically activated (which is sufficient), the battery will last for almost the entire flying season (depending on usage, of course).

Battery test button to check the status of the batteries. Green means that there is still enough power available, yellow means that the power is running low and with the red LED the batteries should be changed immediately.

    Very stable protective cover which also protects against shocks.
    The fans are relatively quiet, calculate with 25dB.
    Weight: 280 gram
    Size: 23.4cm x 17.8cm x 3.81cm
    Compatible with all RAM Mount products
    Compatible with mygoflight products using mygoflight AMP adapter and Puck adapter (both adapters are required).


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Kneeboard kit for XNAUT mount Kneeboard kit for XNAUT mount
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