VT-01 Mode-S Transponder Class 1 - Main Unit

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VT-01 - Our two-block Mode-S Transponder.

VT-01 Mode-S Transponder - Main Unit class 1 - Performance Class 1 (up to 40.000ft). 

All advantages of VT-01
  • Install as single block or two block system.
  • Best solution for club fleet installation or installation in different aircraft
  • installation cradle provides tool-less move of the central unit
  • integral alticoder (100ft or 25 ft resolution)
  • Installation in small panels with less space
  • Output power: min. 220 Watt (Class-1), or min. 150 Watt (Class-2)
  • Level 2es (extended Squitter)
  • ADS-B Out (non certified SIL=0/SDA=0)
  • Direct-GPS NMEA Interface for ADS-B out, no Interface required
  • Ultra low power current, no external cooling required
  • CAN-Bus Interface for future applications (i.e. TIS)
  • COMM-A/B Interface via CAN-Bus

Technical Details:

  • Mode A/C/S transponder
  • Available in 2 versions:
    • class 1: 250 W, up to 35000 ft, ≤ 250 kt
    • class 2: 150 W, up to 15000 ft, ≤ 175 kt
  • ETSO certified
  • Integrated altitude encoder
  • Ultra compact: 60 mm (W) x 60 mm (H)
  • Mounts into 2-1/4" instrument hole
The VT-01 main unit is normally installed using our VT-01 Mounting-Rack
The VT-01 requires a wiring harness from steering unit to main unit. Its a standard D-SUB Harness. If you purchase our mounting kit, all required connectors and small parts are included.
Besides that you will need a power supply cable. Again its standard D-Sub so you can create an own one or use our finished product VT-0103-2.
In addition to the connectors a data cable is required. We offer a certified datacable at reasonable prices, you can select any required length meter-wise (GAV-4709-0005A)
Typical VT-01 Installation:
- main unit (VT0102)
- control head/steering unit (VT-0101)
- Mounting Rack (VT-0103-1) 
- Connection Kit/Power supply cable (VT-0103-2)
- Datacable (GAV-4709-0005A)


Product Note Status Price
Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-22 (Transponder/ADS-B/DME) Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-22 (Transponder/ADS-B/DME)
103.27 € *
Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-74 (Transponder/ADS-B/DME) Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-74 (Transponder/ADS-B/DME)
179.84 € *
Connection Kit (Garrecht VT-01) Connection Kit (Garrecht VT-01)
27.50 € *
Conversion Kit 1 block -> 2 block installation (Garrecht VT-2000) Conversion Kit 1 block -> 2 block installation (Garrecht VT-2000)
10.00 € *
VT-01 Mode-S Transponder Mounting Rack VT-01 Mode-S Transponder Mounting Rack
98.70 € *
Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-74 black version (Transponder/ADS-B/DME) Exterior Antenna RAMI AV-74 black version (Transponder/ADS-B/DME)
196.95 € *
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