Emergency transmitter ELT Kannad Integra ER (extended temperature range)

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The KANNAD Integra 406 GPS ELT is a compact emergency transmitter with GPS and integrated 406 Mhz antenna.

Version with extended temperature range.

The integrated GPS signal reduces the search range to 0.03 square miles. For comparison: with 406 MHz signal but without GPS signal, the search range is 28 square miles.

The ELT has the necessary approvals - FAA TSO-C126a and ETSO-2C91a and -2C126. For mobile use, activation must be carried out manually. For fixed installation (with appropriate mounting bracket) including external antenna, the robust and reliable shock sensor is automatically activated in the event of a crash. In addition, the pilot can also activate the ELT manually in the fixed installation version in an emergency. 

The KANNAD Integra 406 GPS can be wired both 2-wire (remote control RC102) and 3-wire (remote control RC200).

Integra 406 GPS Product features:
Internally integrated 406 MHz antenna
Built-in GPS transmitter
Usual compact dimensions
Use down to - 40° C 24 hours certified transmission time on 406 MHz (in an emergency) 121.5 MHz signal for 48 hours Power supply via ELT battery incl. control panel - no external power supply required
Cabling with 2- or 3-wire remote control possible
Simple retrofitting with universal installation frame
6-year battery life
Transmits emergency calls on the 406 MHz bandwidth and target flight on 121.5 MHz
FAA TSO-C126a and ETSO-2C91a and -2C126 approved
Device dimensions (DxWxH): 13 x 8.5 x 7.5 cm
Extremely light - only approx. 850 g
Maintenance is limited to a monthly self-test, which can be carried out via the remote control from the cockpit or by the ELT itself. The ELT status is indicated by a flashing display and buzzer. The battery only needs to be replaced every 6 years, which keeps maintenance costs manageable.

Scope of delivery:
KANNAD 406 Integra ELT

Note: The integrated antenna only transmits the 406 MHz signal. To be able to use the 121.5 MHz signal in addition, the portable antenna or the external antenna must be fitted.

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