Airmenbeans Box with 24 packs

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1 piece(s) = 0.11 €

Strong coffee to suck with stimulating guarana.
AirmenBeans are the finest coffee pastilles with guarana based on gum arabic and other high-quality ingredients. AirmenBeans coffee pastilles with guarana taste good and promote alertness, stamina and performance.
Origin: For decades there was a great mystery about South American pilots who, after hours of flying, still had incredibly high performance. During their missions, these "AIRMEN" ate sweets made from guarana, coffee and sugar cane prepared according to a traditional recipe. Already centuries ago the Incas used the mysterious, invigorating powers of guarana, the roasted and crushed seeds of a Brazilian liana species. No magic, the concentration of caffeine, which in contrast to coffee is about four times as high, combined with special tanning agents, increases attention and enhances strength and endurance. Differently than the short kick as by coffee, the Guarana works over hours. The original recipe was revised according to the latest scientific findings. Today, the delicious AirmenBeans in the form of the finest coffee guarana pastilles with a fine coffee taste offer an incomparable experience for the palate, mind and body. AirmenBeans, the finest coffee flavour can be enjoyed simply and easily at work, in sports and in your leisure time.
The pastilles are sugar-free, tooth-friendly and calorie-reduced, only 1.43 kcal/pastille.
Carton with 24 packets of 21 pastilles each.

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