CarbonAero High Performance TE Probe (6mm plug)

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This stunning new design which has been wind tunnel tested produces very accurate Total Energy pressure for your instruments. Available in 0.75m and 1m lengths for 15/18m and 2 seat/open class gliders as replacement tubes or as new fit. Different socket bore size also available for a perfect leak-free fit.

Knowing when you are in a good lift is the key to gliding and an accurate and consistent Total energy source for your instruments is the best place to start. Will Ellis, one of the up and coming stars on the International gliding circuit has spent months perfecting the design of the new CarbonAero TE probe. The design features low drag but smooth and consistent TE readings in all conditions. The unique shape is very low drag despite its looks and is the key to delivering accurate pressure even when the glider is in turbulent air. Unlike other TE tubes, this design is not affected by excessive yaw, pitch or G loading.

With both 0.75m and 1m versions, it is possible for owners of both 15m and 18m plus gliders to use the TE tube to sample the air away from the influence of the fin and tail boom and typically much closer to the static ports on the tail boom.
Weight is also a significant factor as is stiffness. All of the Carbon Aero TE tubes are made of high strength very stiff and super lightweight (from 32g) woven carbon with milled titanium plugs for your existing TE socket. A consistent seal is provided by two ‘O’ rings at each end of the TE tube plug.


  • Length 0.75m
  • Probe diameter 20mm
  • Material Woven Carbon tube, anodized titanium precision milled plug
  • Weight 32 g
  • Smooth TE pressure delivery at yaw angles of up to 30 degrees


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