Connection kit (AIR Traffic)

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Connection kit for the AIR Traffic collision warning system. With our connection kit, all signals on the main connector of the AIR Traffic can be easily connected without soldering or special tools. The connection kit is a small circuit board with connectors, terminals and switches.


  •     D-SUB 26HD connector for connection to the AIR Traffic
  •     WAGO quick connector for power supply
  •     WAGO quick connector for two RS232 data interfaces
  •     RJ45 socket for the third RS232 data interface (FLARM standard assignment)
  •     WAGO quick connectors for digital and analog inputs as well as audio and relay output.
  •     DIP configuration switch for ENABLE line and data bus termination.

Scope of delivery:

    Connection Kit Board
    Screw set for fastening
    WAGO opening tool for quick connectors


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AIR Traffic and AIR Traffic Display 80 Kit AIR Traffic and AIR Traffic Display 80 Kit
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