Cable kit 1m (VT-01 to AIR Control Display)

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Data cable kit for connecting a VT-01 Mode-S transponder to an AIR Control Display

  •     D-SUB15HD and D-SUB9 connectors with solder termination
  •     QUICKLOCK quick connection compatible with AIR Control Display and screw connection compati   ble with VT-01 removable frame.
  •     MIL SPEC TEFZEL Data cable eight-pin, shielded (1m)
  •     MIL SPEC TEFZEL aviation cable AWG20 in red and black (1m)
  •     MIL SPEC TEFZEL aeronautical cable AWG22 in white shielded(1m)
  •     1x soldering sleeve CWT-9002
  •     1x terminating resistor 120 Ohm
  •     Documentation/Circuit diagram

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