Software License Control of BECKER radios (AIR Control Display)

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Some of the functions ACD-57 offers are subject to a license model. Licenses can be purchased and codes are entered into the device once to permanently unlock the respective functions. 

This license unlocks the following function: Control of BECKER 62XX aircraft radios.

Considering its capabilities, ACD-57 is offered at a cheap price. A software license model ensures that ACD-57 can be offered at favorable prices to standard users while users with special function requirements can purchase functions separately. Without licenses, all users were to pay for development costs of special functions they may not need. The functionality of ACD-57 can be extended through licenses at any time, also after installation and while already being in service.

After your purchase, you will receive a coupon code via eMail. This code is entered on a website together with your device serial number. This way we connect your purchase to your device. After having entered the coupon code you will receive a license code via eMail that is entered into your device.


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AIR Control Display AIR Control Display
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