36,000 hours in the sky

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Walter and Toni Eichhorn - The exciting lives of two aviation icons now as a book. 172 pages, full colour throughout with 150 photos and many unique insights, including rare original photos.

The man is considered a legend even in his lifetime. An exceptional pilot who is undisputedly one of the most dazzling figures in the skies of Europe. One who, it is safe to say, has written a piece of aviation history. And somehow he still does: Walter Eichhorn. Together with his junior Toni Eichhorn, the Jeveran-born acro-team is celebrated all over Europe. The formation aerobatics of the two, performed with two EXTRA's 330 LT, is one of the top acts of any air show with such precision.

How do you fly a ME-109? The breathtaking story of how you get to fly a ME-109. With the energy of aviation enthusiast and collector Hans Dittes and with the help of good advice from the most successful fighter pilot of all times, Erich "Bubi" Hartmann.

Walter Eichhorn: The wiry pencil head is simply indestructible. Today, on 20 July, the Bad Camberg man puts an eight before zero, celebrating his 80th birthday. Yes, that's right, the 80th! The daily challenge of extreme flying has kept the Luftikus young. Reflexes and reactivity correspond to those of a 25-year-old. At an age when others are dozing in the sun or heating up the pedestrian zones with their walkers, the grey-haired jack-of-all-trades is still gliding undaunted through the sky. With the emphasis on "gymnastics". The man, who looks much younger than his birth certificate would have us believe, was not born to be a pedestrian - and certainly not to fly straight ahead.


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