The flying disc (German/French)

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Indispensable for every pilot and every aircraft

A clear and handy INFORMATION TABLE for pilots
with all information, specifications, codes, data and standard speech groups that are important and necessary for flying.

  •     All light signals (on the ground and in the air)
  •     The airspaces (with indication of views and cloud spacing)
  •     Radio communication groups (departure, approach, transit, FIS registration)
  •     Emergency and urgency messages
  •     Semi-circular flight rules
  •     Important telephone numbers (DFS, DWD, LBA)
  •     Communication codes (for the transmission of the connection quality)
  •     Transponder codes (VFR, radio failure, MAYDAY, kidnapping)
  •     Distance scale in NM and km

Front side GERMAN / Back side FRENCH


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