Icfly AHRS II with pressure sensor

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Attitude Heading Reference System with Wi-Fi/Serial and high capacity battery and pressure sensor technology.

The ICflyAHRSII is an attitude sensor, optionally with pressure sensor technology. It continuously records the attitude sensor data and calculates the flight attitude in real time. In addition, optional integrated pressure sensors can be used to measure static and dynamic pressure to determine flight altitude, climb rate and speed.

The ICflyAHRSII is designed to provide pilots of microlight aircraft, gliders and experimental aircraft with a data source for an artificial horizon. Various apps for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad are available on the web, with which the ICfly AHRS II is compatible: e.g. ICfly Instrument, Sky-Map, Air Navigation Pro, iHUD Remote, AHRS Utility.

The configuration of the ICflyAHRSII is comfortably possible via web browser.

Data output is via WLAN or serial interface in a format understandable for all apps:

    Flight attitude
    Ride, altitude, climb rate
    Battery status


Additional devices can be connected to the serial interfaces, with which bidirectional communication via WLAN is then possible. For example, the TRX-1500 collision warning system is compatible.


    3-axis G-sensor up to 16g
    3-axis gyro up to 2000°/s
    3-axis magnetometer
    Input for static pressure to determine altitude and rate of climb (optional with pressure sensor technology)
    Input for dynamic pressure (dynamic pressure) to determine the speed (IAS) (optional with pressure sensors)
    large battery with >10h runtime
    Bidirectional data transmission between WLAN and serial interfaces
    Configuration via integrated website
    Temperature range: -20°C - +60°C


Calculation and output of:

    Roll -180° to 180°, 0.1°
    Pitch -90° to 90°, 0.1°
    Heading 0° to 360°, 0.1°
    Inclination(Slip Angle) -90° to 90°, 0.1°
    Turn rate up to 2000°/s
    G-Meter up to 16g
    Altitude in ft
    climb rate in ft/min
    IAS in kt


Included in delivery:

    Micro-USB adapter with button for stand-alone operation
    LiPo battery with at least 10h runtime



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