Viento thermal map eastern alps (paper)

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The Viento thermal map
This map shows thermals, airlines and landing possibilities on a windless and thermally active day. The fast flight lines are optimized for gliding, but for paraglider and hangglider pilots they are relevant and helpful in some areas. The outlanding possibilities for glider pilots are also an option for hangglider pilots, all thermals are of course valid for all thermal pilots. The majority of them were created with the many years of experience of Werner and Simon, expanded with the knowledge of locals, and elaborated and optimized in a long and tedious process. All altitudes are given in MSL. No airspaces were drawn in deliberately, this requires an extra study of the known airspace maps (e.g. ICAO).
This map serves as an aid to recognise the large correlations and sensitive areas and subsequently to understand independently what is happening in the weather system of the Alps. It should give the opportunity to learn to read the landscape and is primarily used as preparation for flights in the Eastern Alps. The thermals are all hotspots that have been flown.

  •     Known thermal springs: The marked thermal sources are known hotspots, which provide more or less upwind depending on the time of day.
  •     Airports Radio frequencies incl. MIL/ZIV Freq.
  •     Outlanding possibilities good
  •     Abroad possibility moderate
  •     Emergency landing option
  •     Good possibilities for main ridge crossings
  •     Good airline - often with lineups
  •     Distinctive mountains / thermals incl. mountain name and altitude

NEW 2018

  •     Important passes incl. height
  •     QR Codes for important info pages
  •     Airlines/alliances in many areas added

in a plastic protective cover and a kink-proof cardboard envelope or rolled in a stable box

About Viento
Viento is a joint project of Werner Luidolt and Simon Lemmerer. Both are enthusiastic aviation sportsmen and have set themselves the goal to pass on their knowledge to other aviation sportsmen. The aim is to give something back to the aviation community and to make it easier for inexperienced pilots to get started in cross country flying and especially in alpine flying.


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