Dynamo Flashlight

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With that „DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT“ you get not only a flashlight that needs no batteries, but also a emergency charger for your mobile phone!
Through the non-polluting and practical operation, you’ll save cost and time. The syringe waterproof housing, the ergonomic design and the compact dimensions lie well in the hand.

Operating range:

Airplane, car, boat or at home
Use method:

The „DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT“ works through turn the crank thereby to charge the built-in battery and you’ll have up to 8 hours light after be charged fully
You have the possibility to operate the flashlight in three steps:
Energy-saving with one LED
Full power with three LED
Flashing with three LED
No matter where you use the „DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT“, there is no longer a need to become angry over empty batteries.


Four handy adapters for: micro USB (Standard 2011), Nokia, SonyEricsson and mini USB for Blackberry and Motorola
Functional strong nylon cover
Wrist Lanyard
Manual in german and english

81 x 49 x 38mm

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