Viento Valley Wind Map Eastern Alps (paper)

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The Viento Valley Wind Map
The map shows valley wind systems and their direction on a normal/low-wind, thermally active day. Most of it has been elaborated and optimized with locals in a lengthy process. However, the complexity of the weather may mean that not all winds are covered or that some of the arrows may not appear completely correct. There are clear areas and less clearly defined zones, which can change a lot in the course of a day compared to our presentation. Large-scale weather changes or stronger supra-regional wind conditions influence some local systems more successfully than other areas.
This map will help you to recognize the big connections and sensitive areas and to understand what is happening in the atmosphere and give you the possibility to read the landscape. Crash slopes, convergences and leeward areas are visible at a glance.

    Normal valley wind up to 20 km/h with direction (thin arrow)
    Strong valley wind above 20 km/h with direction (thick arrow)
    Leeches: Strong valley wind systems (e.g. Bavarian wind) often wash over slopes or fishbones and create unpleasant lee situations. We have mapped some sensitive areas
    Known thermal springs: The thermal sources shown are known and flown hot spots, which provide more or less updraft depending on the time of day.

NEW 2018!

    Very many paraglider and hangglider launch sites incl. launch direction
    Important passes incl. altitude
    QR Codes for important info pages
    Special features like Grimsel Serpent extra explained
    Detailed map of the Dolomites with starting and landing points

in plastic protective cover and kink-proof cardboard envelope or rolled up in a stable box

About Viento
Viento is a joint project of Werner Luidolt and Simon Lemmerer. Both are enthusiastic aviation sportsmen and have set themselves the goal of sharing their knowledge with other aviation sportsmen. The goal is to give something back to the aviation community and to make it easier for inexperienced pilots to get started in cross country flying and especially in alpine flying.

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