GARMIN AERA 760 Tragbarer GPS-Navigator

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Garmin presents the aera® 760, a premium portable aviation device designed specifically for the pilot and the cockpit.

The aera 760 features a bright, sunlight-readable 7-inch touchscreen display with extensive mapping options in a compact and portable format. Special features of the aera 760 include options to load instrument approach procedures, approaches and departures, overlay approach charts on the chart, wireless connectivity with Garmin Connext® and the option to integrate with select Garmin avionics.
Featuring a modern yet rugged design, the aera 760 is an all-in-one portable aviation device with an integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver optimised for the cockpit. Its bright, sunlight-readable 7-inch display can operate for up to four hours on a single battery charge. Along the front panel, an industry-standard USB-C port is used to charge and power the aera 760, while a microSD card slot allows pilots to load topography and road maps or easily transfer user waypoints. The aera 760 features an intuitive user interface similar to many other popular Garmin products, such as the GTN™ Xi Series, G3X™ Touch and Garmin Pilot™, so pilots can easily transition between multiple Garmin products in the cockpit. The aera 760 is designed to operate in harsh conditions and has been tested and hardened to meet stringent temperature and vibration standards.

As a new feature, the aera 760 allows pilots to load departures, approaches and instrument approach procedures (IAPs) within a flight plan that can be wirelessly transmitted to a cockpit navigation system. Once a procedure is loaded within the aera 760, pilots have the option to view the chart or overlay it on the moving map. IFR en-route charts, VFR sectional charts and Garmin FliteCharts® are also geo-referenced for optimal situational awareness. Jeppesen electronic charts are compatible with the aera 760 and provide customers worldwide access to instrument approach chart information. In addition to procedures, Victor Airways, custom holds and holding patterns can be entered into a flight plan over an existing navigation fix.

With built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®, the aera 760 can take advantage of Garmin Connext wireless connectivity inside and outside the cockpit. When connected to Wi-Fi, pilots can effortlessly download aviation database and software updates without having to be physically connected to a computer. Before take-off, pilots can also view worldwide weather information via the aera 760 when connected via Wi-Fi.In the cockpit, it can wirelessly connect to select products such as the GTX™ 345 or GDL® 50 to display the benefits of Automatic Dependent SurveillanceBroadcast (ADS-B) traffic, Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather, SiriusXM aviation weather, and more, via Bluetooth.  Exclusive features such as TerminalTraffic™ and TargetTrend™ can also be displayed on the moving map and dedicated traffic pages.

Pilots can hardwire the aera 760's power, audio and dual RS-232 connections for added benefits. When connected to a navigation device such as the GTN 650Xi/750Xi, GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W, the aera 760 can send and receive flight plan data that is entered into the navigation device via a serial port, keeping all devices synchronised throughout the flight. When connected to a Flight Stream 210/510, a wireless connection can also be made to these navigation systems. When connected to a NAV/COM such as the GTR 225, GNC 255 or GTR 200, frequencies and airport identifiers can also be transmitted from the aera 760 to the appropriate NAV/COM. For aircraft flying in visual conditions, pilots can optionally connect the aera 760 to select autopilots to fly lateral GPS and single point vertical navigation (VNAV) guidance. For example, pilots flying VFR can fly a VNAV profile from their current altitude to the aerodrome lap altitude by fully coupling the aera 760 to the autopilot.


3D Vision technology displays a virtual 3D perspective of the surrounding terrain, obstacles and airports, as well as a horizontal situational indicator (HSI) capable of displaying lateral and vertical deviation bars. When the aera 760 is panel mounted or paired with a compatible attitude source such as a GDL® 50 or GTX 345, pilots can use synthetic vision (SVX), which complements the display of backup attitude information on the portable unit.


The aera 760 also features fuel price information, an E6B flight computer and a weight and balance calculator. The E6B can be used before the flight to calculate fuel consumption, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and more. During flight, the aera 760 accesses ground speed information to recalculate fuel burn and ETA. Helicopter operators also have access to features tailored to their specific operation, such as WireAware™ technology to avoid cable strikes. WireAware overlays power line locations and relative altitude information on the Moving Map and provides both audible and visual warnings when operating near power lines. With optional map data, pilots can also enter road intersections or non-aeronautical waypoints. GPS altitude readings are provided in both MSL (Mean Sea Level) and AGL (Above Ground Level), making them easier to identify relative to the aircraft's flight path.

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