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TRX-OEM - 1090MHz Receiver Module for OEMs

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The installation of the TRX-OEM core module makes your application (such as Moving map, flight computers, ground basestations) ADS-B in/ Mode-S in capable.

The TRX-1090 OEM comes with a high-sensitive 1090 MHz receiver and a powerfull signal processing unit for error correction and data processing.

Connecting just a simple antenna and a 3.3V DC power source starts the device receiving ADS-B data broadcasted by Mode-S transponder with ADS-B out capability.

Developing your own ADS-B engine and dealing with hardcore signal processing devices or highly sophisticated RF signal chains becomes obsolete. For getting started quickly and painless, the article TRX-1090 offers a TRX-OEM module inside a rugged package with power supply and antenna.


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B2B Connector for TRX-OEM B2B Connector for TRX-OEM
3.61 € *
Antenna for TRX1000 Antenna for TRX1000
19.90 € *
Internal antenna with cable high performance ADS-B (TRX Version) Internal antenna with cable high performance ADS-B (TRX Version)
39.90 € *
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