Wollfaden - Yaw String Mk IV (blau)

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High tech Wollfaden mit speziell geformtem Klebepad für Segelfieger.

Der Mk IV "high tech" Wollfaden hat ein spezielles, glasklares Turbulator Klebepad, das rückstandslos von der Kabinenhaube entfernbar ist. Das Klebepad hebt den Faden 0,95mm über die Haube, um Kratzer und statische Aufladung zu vermindern.

Jeder Faden wird in einem speziellen 28 Schritte umfassenden Produktionsprozess von Wings and Wheels in den USA in Handarbeit hergestellt. Der Prozess führt zu perfekter Klarheit der Klebebasis und höchster Qualität.

Lieferbar in den beliebten Farben Blau und Rot. Faden ist extralang und kann nach Belieben gekürzt werden.


  • Wollfaden mit Klebebasis
  • Kleiner Punkt zur Feststellung des Mittelpunkts der Haube


Installationsanweisungen (nur englisch):

Determine ship's true centerline for mounting the MKIV base and included optional center index dot. A good method is to stretch a string from nose to tail. Tie or tape one end of string to glider nose and the other end to top center of horizontal stab or vertical stab. Stand away from front of glider and sight down string to be sure it’s straight and on center all the way from nose to tail. You may need to lift and move the string from one side or the other where it crests the curve of the canopy. Place a piece of masking tape under string just forward of where you will install MKIV and mark centerline on tape with pen. Move string off to side and clean area for MKIV with denatured or rubbing alcohol and soft cloth (I recommend microfiber). Move string back to center.

Make a paper template guide to insure an easy and accurate installation. Cut a strip of paper approx 2” (50mm) wide by about 8” (200mm) long. Position the MKIV base at the center of this strip so that only the curved portion at the back of the base is off the paper (align the two corners of the rounded base with the edge of the paper). Trace around pointed front of MKIV base with pencil (no ink) so as to form a “V”. Cut out “V” with scissors and discard. Place template with “V” cutout under string (apex of template “V cutout facing forward - open end facing aft). Sight down on template strip to insure it is perpendicular to string, tape ends in place.

Yarn is supplied long, cut length to suit and tie simple overhand knot ¼” (6mm) from end to prevent fraying. If using optional center index dot (this is the reflective dot located loose in MKIV package) temporarily place MKIV base in template “V” and gently stretch yarn aft. Mark desired dot location with tape on outside of canopy. Dot will be installed on INSIDE surface of canopy.

With “V” template and center mark in place, remove string. Clean inside canopy surface where the index dot will go with denatured or rubbing alcohol. Hold index dot between finders and bend one edge gently away from reflective side to loosen dot from backing (do not crease). Use tip of a clean utility knife, or other small knife blade or sharp tweezers, to lift edge of dot from liner. Then using knife tip or tweezers, position dot before smoothing it down with your finger. Use caution to avoid scratching canopy with knife blade. With dot installed, close canopy.

Hold MKIV base only by edges or yarn and remove the red adhesive liner by lifting a rear corner edge with a knife tip so you can grasp liner and peel it off with tweezers or fingernails. Re-attach about ¼” (6mm) of pointed tip of the removed liner to the back center of base adhesive to form a temporary “handle”. CAUTION! -do not touch the exposed clear adhesive surface with anything but the removed liner or allow yarn to contact it as this will impair the optical clarity of the base. The adhesive is very tacky and once it touches the canopy plastic you will be unable to reposition the base without damaging the MKIV. Steady your hand against canopy and hold base using “liner handle” in position over the “V” template cutout. Maintain a slight and even gap on both sides of the “V” cutout and base. Do not butt the MKIV base tightly into the “V” or adhesive may overlap or touch the paper template.

Okay, the goal is to get it on straight and with no bubbles under the adhesive, take it slow and this will be easy. Touch the pointed end of the base to the canopy first while holding the back of the base up a bit, away from the canopy using the “handle”. Use a smooth object (retracted pen tip etc) to slowly work the base down while watching the adhesive progressively make contact with the canopy, this is easy to see and looks like water between two sheets of glass. Before getting more than half the base attached, and while bending up the back of base to keep it off canopy, grasp rear of base by edge corners and gently remove the red liner “handle” by peeling off ( twist “handle” slightly and pull in line with canopy surface, not in line with base surface - - so as not to stretch adhesive). Work remainder of base down. With finger, firmly press base down for several seconds. You may fly immediately, but please don’t wash or disturb the MKIV base for 24 hours to allow full adhesive strength.

After several years of exposure you may wish to replace the MKIV as the yarn wears or fades. To remove the old base lift edge and “roll off” with finger pressure. Or use a fingernail, knife blade, or similar tool to lift an edge of the clear plastic top layer using caution not to touch canopy with any tool. Grasp edge of base with fingers or needle- nose pliers and slowly peel off. Any remaining adhesive residue will cleanly roll off with finger pressure.


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