TOMCAT T10 Headset - Twin Plugs

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Extremely inexpensive but nevertheless robust headset in great quality.

The pilot headset from TOMCAT Pilot Gear is robustly constructed and durable. It has good passive noise suppression. Due to its extremely low price it is the ideal headset for beginners, passengers or occasional pilots.

The headset can be flexibly adapted to the head shape of the wearer. It can be worn left and right as the microphone arm is adjustable. The volume can be adjusted directly on the headset with a rotary control

    Robust construction with high quality ear cups made of ABS plastic and a metal bow.
    Comfortable, gel-filled head pad prevents pressure points and effectively dissipates heat from the head.
    The leatherette ear cups with memory foam are noise-proof, yet breathable and reduce fatigue even during long flights.
    Electret microphone with ambient noise suppression.
    Includes 1.5m headset cable with robust, moulded PJ standard connectors.
    Headband adjustable from 10cm to 14cm height. Weight 530g.
    Speaker impedance: 150 Ohm, typical sensitivity: 95dB, 100Hz to 8kHz.

TOMCAT Pilot Gear is the brand for useful pilot equipment in premium quality at reasonable prices. TOMCAT Pilot Gear delivers durable, high-quality products in great design and with real everyday use for pilots, crew and aviation fans.

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