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Our flexible collision warning units with comprehensive interface and installation options.

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TRX-1500 - Collision Avoidance System

Product no.: TRX-1500

Collsision avoidance system for FLARM, ADS-B and XPDR signals. Easy to install and affordable. Compatible to many display systems.

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AIR Traffic Display

Product no.: ATD-57

The premium traffic indicator with intuitive user interface, rugged hardware and brilliant display.

499.00 € *

TRX-1500A Collision Avoidance Device with ARINC-429 Interface

Product no.: TRX-1500A

FLARM/ADS-B/XPDR collision avoidance system with integrated ARINC 429 Interface for connection to panelmount avionics systems.

1,899.00 € *

TRX-1090 - Traffic Receiver

Product no.: TRX-1090

ADS-B and Transponder (Mode-S) receiver with many interface options for connection to exisiting FLARM installations.

749.00 € *
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